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Corgi or Gas Safe what is the difference?

Corgi vs Gas Safe who, what and why?

We often get asked if we are Corgi Registered for our works, CORGI or Confederation (Council) for the Registration of Gas Installers was originally established in 1970 as a voluntary registration scheme for gas installers in the United Kingdom. This followed a gas explosion in 1968 which led to the partial collapse of Ronan Point, a tower block in London.

CORGI certification became mandatory in 1991 up until the Government instigated a review of gas safety, highlighting issues with the current scheme due to a review of gas safety in 2006. The review led to a new gas registration scheme, and registered CORGI engineers transferred to the new scheme.

As a result, in April 2009, Gas Safe replaced CORGI as the UK’s official gas safety regulatory body. In addition, Gas Safe became the official regulatory body for United Kingdom, Northern Ireland and Guernsey in April 2010.

Following this, the Gas Safe Register became responsible for gas safety in the UK. CORGI previously represented safety across several sectors, such as gas, electricity and plumbing. However, after April 2009, only boiler engineers with an official gas safe register membership card could legally work on domestic and commercial gas systems.

At South Coast Plumbing and Heating Services we are fully Gas Safe Certified 590268 is our unique account number.

Please feel free to contact us any time for all of your Heating and Plumbing requirements - 01392 984322

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